David Nelson’s Facebook Post!

David Nelson: Hello friends! With two days to go in the 2011 tax year, this is KAIROS, or “now”, time to donate to Exousia Ministries. Please take a moment to give according to your willingness directly through the Exousia website. Also, as a friend of Exousia, would you please consider offering this giving opportunity to others, even those not yet in the faith? As you know, Exousia serves those who suffer from AIDS in Africa, fights child trafficking, and provides aid to those in need; universal causes for those who believe in Jesus or not. Please pass the offering invitation on to your friends by posting to your FB or through email.

About Kimberly

Reverend Kimberly is a Motivational and Inspirational speaker empowering, partnering and commissioning Leaders to utilize their talents and giftings, walk in liberty and transformational restoration through the demonstrated power of God’s Word, love and the prophetic. Facilitating Revival resulting in Reformation through Discipleship!
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