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Dear Friends,

“And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, of those preaching the gospel of good things!” Romans 10:15 This is my first international ministry trip, since my husband’s death in March of 2012. Rob desired for me to continue the Kingdom work that I had been doing internationally. I am prevailing upon you to help me fulfill Rob’s desire and the mandate upon my life to go forth in prayer and financial provision!

November 13, 2013 through January 10, 2014 is the target length for this trip. The first leg of the trip to Nepal, I will be leading a small team from Hillside Fellowship (A Rock Home church, paying for this portion of my trip). We will be to traveling to Kakarbittah, Nepal (not far from Bhadrapur) ministering and working in a school and orphanage, and churches in the region with leaders for 5 days. We will then head to Kathmandu, where we will be doing street crusades and ministering in the villages. The team will return to the US on the 26th of November.
I will be arriving in the UK on November 26th in Shrewsbury conducting Leadership Seminars and Prophetic ministry! A team from New Nation Church International (NNCI) will be meeting up with me in London and we will fly on to Entebbe Uganda on December 2nd. We will fly on to South Sudan, where I have overseen and helped to plant 2 churches on behalf of NNCI in earlier years.

My schedule from December 9th is still being worked on and will utterly depend on donations as to how long I can stay! I plan on ministry with Heart for Children (Kimblio School and orphanage at Osia with Cor and Grace Koelewijn), and medical/ministry work in a children’s prison – in Kampiringisa where there are over 400 children and many are under the age of 8- with Food Step (Werner and Nathalie Stauerbauten). Can you imagine a land where children get put into prison under the age of 8 – where parents often don’t look for their missing children because they assume their child has been taken for blood sacrifice? This is not a myth, this is real! One dollar buys so much in local food in Uganda! Twenty five dollars is a whole week’s salary in the villages. Thirty five dollars pays for a month’s school fees.

I ask that instead of acting on emotion or obligation, you pray- pray for the trip and pray about giving. Send in money only at God’s leading and the amount He exacts. If you would like to be part of this mission through your financial support, mail a check to: EMI 7405 Greenback Ln., Suite 141, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, click on the “Support page” or go to this link: Please make your tax deductible check payable to EMI (Exousia Ministries Inc.)

While money is important, it comes in a distant second to my need for prayer support – which is so important to the success of this mission! Pray for the people I’ll encounter, that my desires are His desires, and that His will be done. As much as God loves mission trips, the enemy doesn’t. There will be a host of obstacles that will attempt to discourage as I travel. Knowing that you are committed to pray, gives me greater peace. Everything else will fall into place!

Blessings in His Faithful grip,


About Kimberly

Reverend Kimberly is a Motivational and Inspirational speaker empowering, partnering and commissioning Leaders to utilize their talents and giftings, walk in liberty and transformational restoration through the demonstrated power of God’s Word, love and the prophetic. Facilitating Revival resulting in Reformation through Discipleship!
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